Cassie Sullivan fancasting for @RickYancey’s ‘The 5th Wave’ from @PagetoPremiere

Last week Rick Yancey in an interview with USA Today said that two actors has been chosen to play the leads in The 5th Wave film. Upon that exciting news Page to Premiere has come up with a great list if actresses that could play Cassie.

See a couple of the actresses below:

Gabriella Wilde

gabby ptp

Another actress put forward by you readers and fans is 24-year-old British Actress and Model Gabriella Wilde, known mostly for starring along side Logan Lerman in ‘The Three Musketeers’ as well as with the lovely Ansel Elgort and Chloe Grace Moretz in ‘Carrie’, she has also starred in the recent motion picture ‘Endless Love’ with Alex Pettyfer. An onslaught of YA actors! I’ve personally only had the chance to see her in action with her role in Carrie, in which she plays Sue Snell, also managing to catch a glimpse of her in Doctor Who during the episode ‘Vampire’s of Venice’. Now in Carrie we managed to see a rather soft, and caring young girl, one goes out of her way in order to help Carrie and make her happy, which would be a valuble attribute when working with the vulnerable side of Cassie, and with her role as one of the Vampire’s in Doctor Who we managed to catch a glimpse of a slightly vicious Gabriella, one that if worked on more could totally portray the bad-ass personality of Cassie Sullivan.

Madelaine Hasson

maddie ptp

Madelaine Hasson, the 19-year-old Actress, is mostly known for her role in Fox’s tv series ‘The Finder’, as well as the ABC series ‘Twisted’. I haven’t had the chance to personally see her in anything myself, and is another suggestion by the wonderful writer Natasha Polis, only I find myself quickly favoring Madelaine as a contender for Cassie Sullivan. When browsing through her images I found that she usually had an edgy, feisty and sort of ‘don’t mess with me’ look about her, a vibe that I often got from Cassie when reading The 5th Wave, and despite being 3 years older that the character of Cassie she is another Actress who has rather young features, I could definitely see her running around with a gun in The 5th Wave Universe.

Madelaine Hasson or Gabriella Wilde are my two fancasts for Cassie in The 5th Wave. I think Britt Robertson would be great too.

Head on over to PagetoPremiere to see the rest of the Cassie Sullivan fan casts.

Who did you fancast as Cassie Sullivan, Ben Parish, Evan Walker or any of the rest of the cast? Share in the comments.


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