Rick Yancey’s YA lit a hit by The Gainesville Sun!


Rick Yancey was recently featured in an article for The Gainesville Sun. In the article Rick talks the The 5th Wave, The 5th Wave movie, The Monstrumologist and more.

Check out an excerpt from the article:

The series’ climactic book, “The Final Descent,” recently won the gold medal in young-adult fiction in the 2013 Florida Book Awards competition. Another of Yancey’s books, “The Fifth Wave,” recently captured a Red House Children’s Book Award, a prize in the United Kingdom determined by the votes of young readers.

In just over a decade as a full-time writer, Yancey, 51, has become successful enough to have a series of novels carried by two major publishers: “The Monstrumologist” series by Simon & Schuster and “The 5th Wave” series by Penguin Random House.

“I’m incredibly blessed to be able make a living at it; so few writers can,” Yancey said. “There is a very tiny percentage that are able to earn their bread writing. I’m gratified to be in that small percentage.”


“The 5th Wave,” published last year, is a post-apocalyptic tale of a girl fleeing a merciless band of alien invaders. A reviewer in USA Today called the book “a modern sci-fi masterpiece.” “The Infinite Sea,” the second book of a planned trilogy, is due for publication in September.

Yancey said “The 5th Wave” has been optioned by Material Pictures, actor Tobey Maguire’s production company, for a film adaptation.

Yancey said he has traveled extensively to promote “The 5th Wave,” which has been published in 33 countries.

“Young adult readers become so emotionally invested in the book series — you see that, I think, ever since ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight,’ ‘The Hunger Games’ and now ‘Divergent’ — it becomes a social media phenomenon,” Yancey said. “And publishers understand that the reading community for young adult literature is fierce and passionate and wants to interact with the creators of these books, so you do quite a bit of traveling and social media work.”

Click here to read the full article from The Gainesville Sun


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