Chloe Grace Moretz talks ‘The 5th Wave’ with Barnes and Noble!

Our Cassie, Chloe Grace Moretz talked with Barnes and Noble about The 5th Wave, If I Stay and more.

You’re starring in The 5th Wave next, an adaptation of a YA series by Rick Yancey, and spent a lot of time on-set with If I Stay author Gayle Forman—has this inspired you to get writing?

I try to, but because I’m 17 I think my brain can’t handle sitting and writing one thing, so I’ll literally start a project of writing something and I get completely sidetracked and I CANNOT FINISH IT. So I think I have to give myself a couple of years and try.

What are some of your favorite YA books?

I enjoy books that aren’t really YA in that sense, so when I read The 5th Wave it’s a very un-YA YA book, and the same with If I Stay, and these are books that hang under the label of YA but aren’t really—they deal with bigger problems and bigger emotions than most YA books. My favorite novel in general is Wuthering Heights.

See Chloe as Mia in If I Stay on August 22 and in The 5th Wave on January 29, 2016.


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