‘The 5th Wave’ casting call looking for Ben’s friends!


A brand new casting call for The 5th Wave movie has been out out. This one is looking for Ben’s friends. Ben will be played by Nick Robinson.

For “THE 5th Wave”- feature film- SONY Pictures
(Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic drama)
For tomorrow, Wed, 9/3

Looking for MALES- Ages 18- 25 (that still look high school age!)
All races/ethnicities
– to play high school STUDENTS
to include some BASKETBALL PLAYER TYPES that are friends of our lead male actor (Nick Robinson, who plays “Ben”)

NOTE 1: Tomorrow will be a still photo shoot for photos we will see in a yearbook later on during a scene. Whoever we choose for these still photos will ALSO be asked to work in 2 other scenes as extras when we see these guys at an actual practice and also at a party later on in the schedule!! Those dates are TBD.

NOTE 2: We only need a FEW of you to be the basketball players.
If you are a REAL basketball player- you should have your own sneakers and shorts for playing. We will provide jerseys
You will NOT be playing Basketball…tomorrow is just for a still photo but you must look authentic!

NOTE 3: the pay rate is $64 for 8 hrs with O.T. after 8hr ( although this will not be a long shoot). Estimated start time tomorrow, will be mid-morning and finished by late afternoon, approx.
Please submit to:
and put “BEN’s FRIENDS” in the subject

Also seeking

1. “Minors 9/3″ – African American Minors (with existing Tail Sticks Casting Minor Work Permit) ages 13-15, Males and Females.

2. “Basketball Teens” – African American Teenagers – 16-18yrs., to-look younger, Males or Females, looking for working-knowledge of Basketball rules/skills, etc.

3. “Stroller Moms” – Moms with Strollers, Females that can bring a stroller to set (no infant required!) *Additional $15 Bump to your payout, for the use of your stroller.

4. “Basketball Adult” – African American Male, 20s-30s, Should know their way around a Basketball court/rules, etc.

If you feel that you or your child meet the Physical Requirements for these specific types & are available all day tomorrow – Wednesday: 9/3, please email us at TailSticksCasting@gmail.com with the role you are applying for in the Subject Line [ex.”Basketball Adult”]

(please include at least two- one that shows face and hair well (NO hats or sunglasses or other people/kids please) as well as one that is from the knees or waist up) -. A casual photo that was taken recently, in good light, is best. NOTE: a photo “looking the part,” whether you are basketball player or not, would be helpful

First and Last Name
CITY and STATE where you live (or where you will be coming from)
Size(s) : Pants (waist and inseam), shirt and shoe size
*** AND IF you have experience as a basketball player, PLEASE LIST how long you’ve played, if you have the shorts and sneakers as mentioned above, etc.. Again, we will also book some that are NOT basketball players.

This will film/shoot in ATLANTA and you must be willing to work local here as an extra.

From the details just read we will get to see a yearbook in the movie. There will also be a party scene.

How exciting is this?!


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