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Photo: Get your first look at Squad 53 + first look at Maika Monroe (Ringer) with black hair! #5thWaveMovie

Today Rick Yancey and Talitha Bateman shared the first look at Squad 53 from The 5th Wave. The squad includes Ben Parish (Nick Robinson), Ringer (Maika Monroe), Teacup (Talitha Bateman), Zackary Arthur(Sam), Tony Revolori(Dumbo), Flynn McHugh(Tank), Nadji Jeter(Poundcake) and Cade Canyon Ball (Oompa)

We also get our first look at Maika Monroe with black hair!



The 5th Wave is currently filming in Atlanta. The film also stars Chloe Grace Moretz as the main character Cassie Sullivan and Alex Roe as Evan Walker.

The 5th Wave opens in theaters on January 29, 2016.

Maika Monroe talks Ringer and ‘The 5th Wave’ movie!

On August 22, our Ringer, Maika Monroe, was interviewed by Red Carpet News TV while promoting her movie The Guest in London. During the interview she talks about The 5th Wave movie and her character Ringer.

How exciting was it to hear Maika talk about Ringer and The 5th Wave? The Guest hits theaters on September 5th.

The 5th Wave is said to begin filming today and is slated for release on January 29, 2016.